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Whether you are considering a Magento Website Design project or WordPress eCommerce project with WooCommerce, we can help. Our expertise goes deep into graphic design and branding with every eCommerce website. While most website design companies try to avoid eCommerce website projects, we embrace them. If you are considering an eCommerce website design project in Sacramento, reach out to Milk Cow Creative. We are partnered with which is one of the most talented web design companies we have had the pleasure of working with. If you have any questions about custom eCommerce websites on WordPress or Magento, we can help.

Our expertise goes far beyond your typical eCommerce website. Along with the design of your website and set-up your shopping cart, we enhance┬ámany other areas. We can integrate your newsletter, set-up a drip email campaign, tailor and automated emailing system, automated follow-ups, integrate review follow up’s and more. We can also integrate live chats, social media pop-ups, refer a friend discount social media share, set-up advanced eCommerce segments in Google Analytics and much more.

If you are considering an eCommerce website on Magento or WordPress/ WooCommerce, give us a call or shoot us an email.

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