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Creating a Brand Identity is no quick task but it sure is fun. When creating a brand identity there are many things to keep in mind. From the forward-thinking on your brand engagement to the creative strategy on your brand awareness, everything needs to be considered. Milk Cow Creative is the team you can trust to increase your brand visibility, brand recognition and yes, your exact brand identity. We start with designing your iconic brand, move to fonts, start thinking color, and then move to layout. Any given brand should have anywhere from 5-10 logo designs and each one of these logo designs have their place in your brand identity design.

Think about it: All iconic brands (and yours should too) have different logo designs for social media, web, print and stationary and packaging. If you are looking to have an actual brand identity design done, it is much more than a logo.

A little more to it than you think: A brand identity design is more than just a logo. In addition to creating your logo design within your brand, we also create many other items. Some of these may include a brand manual, stationary design, social media branding, print marketing, brand strategy and a guide on marketing your brand through graphics.

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